Trends in nonqualified deferred compensation plans

Group of people talking about trends in nonqualified deferred compensation plans.

For the 10th year, the annual nonqualified deferred comp plan research results are in. The stats and trends provide you with business insights through the lens of both the plan sponsor and the participant.

The key findings from this year’s study prove continued value and need for deferred comp plans.

What employers had to say

  • Competitive benefits are key
  • Simplicity, efficiency and flexibility are critical
  • The role of the financial professional is important

Employers share why offering the plan makes business sense:

What key employees told us

  • It’s all about retirement
  • The income bridge strategy is a popular plan in retirement
  • Employer match and affordability impact participation
  • They’re more confident in their retirement savings

Key employees share why participating makes sense:

More insights and trends

Get a full view of this year's research findings, trends, stats and more. The report will help you benchmark against your peers and gain valuable insights that could impact your business decisions.

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Get an inside look at employers’ and key employees’ viewpoints and experiences with a deferred comp plan. 

Between July 24 and August 14, 2017, Principal conducted an online survey with employers having existing nonqualified defined contribution plans and key employees who were eligible to participate in a nonqualified plan with Principal. A total of 315 completed surveys were received from employers and 2,926 from key employees.