Joniel's Story On Engagement Through Workplace Perks

Hard work pays off. During my career I have been nominated for the company's most prestigious recognition program for my work in the African American/Black Employee Resource Group mentoring development program. As a member of the employee resource group, I've been able to take part in the mentoring program by working with a member of senior management who has been a great resource in my career development. 

My hard work has taken me from an individual investor specialist and individual contributor to a senior retirement specialist and a leader. I started at the company as an individual investor specialist. In that role, I addressed customer questions related to retirement contributions, withdrawals, account changes and tax information. I'm now an informal leader to 17 employees in our Client Contact Center and work on special projects. For example, I'm assisting a co-worker on a project to help make the transition of retirement plans from other companies to ours a seamless one for retirement plan clients, their participants, the other company and The Principal.

As an active member of the community, I appreciate the company's commitment to volunteerism. I take advantage of our Volunteer Time Off to participate in our local Asian Heritage and Latino Festivals and Back to School Bash.