Connor's Story On New Experiences

My first impression was that Principal was so huge and so complex I’d never be able to figure it out but I was surprised by how you still feel like you’re working for a small company even though there are thousands of employees working in the corporate offices.

I’ve had the chance to serve in a bunch of different roles on my team; I’ve done database work, front-end work, back-end work, updated applications, made enhancements, built new apps from scratch, server work – you name it, I’ve probably gotten a chance to do it.

I found out that always having a challenge and getting to experience different things is important to me.


Connor's background

Photo of Connor Uhlman.

Community College/University attended: Simpson College

Major/Minor/Emphasis of study: Major: Computer Science, Computer Information Systems; Minor: Management

The best or worst thing that happened during their internship at Principal: The IT Intern Code Jam has by far been the best experience that I’ve had at Principal.

Experiences with other employees during their internship: I’ve worked with people from all different areas. During the Code Jam (and my job), I worked with people in QA, BA, App Dev, UX, and DBA roles. I’ve also been able to meet and talk to employees and leaders from all over the company. Principal’s executives are extremely accessible to the interns, and Gary Scholten (CIO) was even nice enough this year to come down to the Code Jam on short notice and be in our video.