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A business owner and his son standing in their production facility

You can achieve a delicate balance: Hand down your business to family, set up a new generation for success, and fund your own secure retirement.

4 minute read
An older entrepreneur stands smiling in a brightly light production facility

The “what ifs” help you create a succession plan that adapts.

3 minute read

Our survey shows what small and midsize business owners prioritize and which plans they put in place. How do your priorities and plans compare?

3 minute read
Photo of Lance Hennesay and his father who owned a family business and utilized family business transition planning to determine the future of the small business.

Related to your business partner? Here are seven tips to help mix family and business.

4 minute read
Photo of Bell Brothers Heating & Air, a small business creating a plan for succession.

Know the true value of your business and have a succession plan in place. Here’s how one small business did it.

6 minute read

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