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The PPP, was replenished and adjusted for 2021 to help direct funding streams to the businesses needing it most. We break down the big changes for your small business.

4 minute read
In this podcast, Mark West and Apollo Woods talk about How to help save restaurants for the good of all business.

Restaurants, the hardest-hit industry in the pandemic economy, are cultural hubs of business communities everywhere. Here’s how business leaders can help restaurants innovate and recover.

4 minute read

A father-son team of business owners and their financial professional walk you through a small-business succession.

3 minute read
Photo of Bob Baur and Michael Tessier.

We pick up our pre-pandemic conversation on how to “recession-proof” your business—comparing earlier expectations to the 2020 reality—and how businesses can prepare better for the new year.

3 minute read
Photo of Steve Pratt and Jennifer Lollino.

Hear a medical director and a small business leader share ideas for monitoring and improving the well-being of your workforce.

3 minute read
Photo of Dave Nelson and Meg Anderson.

Learn what you can do as a business to better protect yourself and your employees, and when to call in cyber expertise.

5 minute read

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